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I'm Katey - a photographer, mom, wife & pasta enthusiast. I live in a cozy little home in Abbotsford, BC - however we are always traveling! 

I wasn't born in a barn, but I might as well have been - not just because I don't know how to shut a door when I leave the room. My childhood was made up of camping, horses, dirt bikes & running barefoot n' wild. My connection with photography started when I was about 7, when I received my first film camera. I still to this day have some photos that I took of my horse in the arena.. Lord, I remember thinking these could be published - and my parents agreed. Looking at them now, I'm starting to develop trust issues with my parents, HA! 

But for real though - my roots in photography run deep. I often find myself pulling out shoe boxes filled with photos I have from my childhood & teen years. Mostly all from film cameras, disposables, or the very first of those digital cameras. The photos all share similar qualities - warm, emotion filled, and this authentic look to each photo. 

My editing is derived from my massive love of 90's babies photos. When your browsing my photos you'll notice I shoot very warm, emotive, and original photos. Im very passionate about sharing my love for photos that tell a story; your laughs, your smiles, your child's tiny hand wrapped around your finger. 

When the iPhone came out, it became so easy to snap a photo. Its truly beautiful how easily we can document our lives - but the down side is we stopped valuing the photos. With snapchat, and Instagram its easy to forget how valuable a photo really is. Look back to when you or your parents were teens, everyone gathered into the photo - people were excited to be documented. Fast forward to now we seldom have photos with true emotion. Lets run wild together, tangle your arms around your loved ones, laugh and play like children again. Capture the things a iPhone can't get - your story, your personalities, and your interactions. 


Remember when I said I might has well have been born in a barn? Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You can often find me chasing my little wild haired, blue eyed, bare naked butt in cowboy boots, baby boy around the barn. When I'm not with my horses, I'm snuggled up to my sweet husband, laughing or riding our dirt bikes.

Were a fast family, I'm a fan of things that go too fast - good times, tender moments, motorcycles & McDonalds fries. I'm a bigger fan of immortalizing pieces of my life with quality photos to canvas, share, and print for family. 

I bring photos to life - immortalizing moments. 

Services & skills

Photographing babies in hospital, families in home & outdoors, and specializing in wedding day story telling. I focus on the little details, the candid, and the raw moments - the moments that are gone too fast. 

If you'd like to hear more about me, or you think my personality might rock with your family - hit me up! 

I'm always happy to chat to make sure this investment is the right one for your family. I want you to hold your photos dear to your heart, I want them to light your soul on fire, and I want you to want to blow them up and canvas them on all your walls. 

Lets chat, lets get to know each other - and allow me to immortalize your families current season. 

Photographs by Jaleesa Mateazzi Photography
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Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada - And Traveling 

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